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Cut down on hospital waiting times with Hospitalsconsultants

An ongoing bone of contention in the UK is NHS waiting times. If you feel your health simply can’t afford to wait any longer, there is of course the option of going private, but many people worry about the financial cost of this course of action. Hospitalsconsultants is a website that may offer a middle road between NHS treatment and exorbitantly expensive private treatment. The site can put you in touch with around 40 highly-reputable hospitals in England and over a dozen in France. These include hospitals like Basildon University Hospital in Essex, shown below, which is very highly rated in patient surveys.

Basildon University Hospital is a highly-rated teaching hospital in south-east England



Many very common treatments are available through the site, ranging from surgery (cataract, hip replacement, knee), to PET scans. Anyone aged between 18 and 99 can search the site to see if there is a suitable healthcare establishment near them providing the service they need. Although most often the treatment will be paid for by the patient or a private healthcare plan, people can ask for the NHS to fund certain procedures too, in certain special cases. Each featured hospital has its own dedicated page, such as the one devoted to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital:

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